Vision & Goals

Vision & Goals

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate values.
Designing and manufacturing clothing without impacting on natural resources is the vision that we are coming closer to step by step. The focus is on the use of materials that are as natural and environmentally friendly as possible and optimisation along the production chain. Our aim is to follow innovative paths and constantly integrate new developments.


Our brand values stand for high quality, excellent workmanship and perfect fit of our products.

Goals achieved


Products from the autumn/winter 2023 collection onwards consist of at least 33% certified sourced fibres, materials with recycled content, fabrics from GOTS-certified production or untreated (undyed) outer fabric, as well as Harris Tweed, for example. For older items, the percentage is at least 20%.


Our returns and second choice products are sold in our outlets, to best price marketers and buyers or given to charitable organisations.


At least 90% of the trims such as buttons, lining & labels are certified harmful substances tested.


Our hangers are reprocessed and reused in the sense of the hanger cycle.


Complete transparency regarding our product composition and our partners.


Our Code of Conduct sets out social and ethical standards to which our partners must adhere.

Our minimum ambition for every upcoming CONCEPT GREEN collection is to maintain or increase our targets – there is no step back. Our goal is to have the sustainable components extended to all collection items as soon as possible.